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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q1: Is MobiGATE-SG a GSM Modem?

Answer: Yes and no. No as it is a SMS Gateway. Yes as it has GSM modem inside.

Q2: What is a SMS Gateway

- SMS Gateway is an interface between software application and the SMS Centre of GSM network operator.
- The software application can be ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Accouting Software, Network Monitoring, etc. With MobiGATE-SG, software application is able to send and receive SMS.

Q3: How can my sofware application integrate with MobiGATE-SG?

- via database (MySQL or MS SQL);
- or via COM-ActiveX (that can be called from VB,, C++, C#, Delphi, PHP, Java, ASP,

Q4: In what situation is MobiGATE-SG can be used?

- Mass broadcast mobile commerce with large volume of transaction;
- System alert;
- To place a SMS Gateway in data centre or server rack.

Q5: How many SIM cards can be inserted?

Answer: 4 or 8 SIM cards.

Q6: If I used 4 SIM cards, can I have 1 number for all 4 SIM cards?

Answer: Yes, you can use Maxis "Multi-SIM 1 Line" service. Please contact Maxis directly.

Q7: Is MobiGATE-SG a hardware?

Answer: It has both hardware and software component (not software application).

Q8: What features does it have?

- It support Chinese characters and unicode (using SMS Engine Enterprise - Edition);
- It is able route outgoing SMS to use a specific SIM card/SMS centre to send out SMS (using SMS Engine Enterprise - Edition);
Many more...

Q9: What is the system requirement for using MobiGATE-SG?

- Windows Operating System: Windows 2000 server / XP Pro / 2003 server / Vista Business Edition / 2008 server
- 2 USB ports or 2 PCI slots or 2 PCI-e slots
- JRE 1.6 (optional)
- Database server:- Microsoft SQL server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Enterprise Edition; or MySQL Server version 4.1 and above 

For more information, please refer to corporate blog on SMS Gateway.

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